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Uploaded on November 7th, 2008

Keywords: Action, Shooting, Kill, Zombie

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Game Description

Caught in an intersection with your friends, you make a final stand against the walking dead. Stay alive and kill all the zombies with upgrading weapons and playing as a team. You will never survive alone ñ the dead tends to seek for loners!! There are 20 levels to complete and several big zombie bosses to kill.

Game Controls

Use 1,2,3,4 or scroll to change weapon (if you have ammo). Move around with arrows or WASD. Aim and shoot with your mouse. When the zombies get too close they will start eating your brain and your sight will be more and more red and dark. This is an indication of your health situation. Remember to pick up health packages. When having killed a zombie they might turn in to health packages or money. You can buy more ammo for your score by clicking the $ sign next to the ammo you want. Farm credits to buy machine gun and auto fire. Play in low quality (lower left corner) if the game starts to lag.

Game Comments

Avatar of TTran101 by TTran101 - January 5th, 2009
i hate playing this game by my self because i always die and no one plays with me

Avatar of 5horty by 5horty - April 25th, 2009
yea me to..

Avatar of AceOfSpades by AceOfSpades - April 29th, 2009
Ill play with yeahz

Avatar of darkfirez by darkfirez - April 4th, 2010

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