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Uploaded on January 28th, 2011

Keywords: Pets, Cats, Dogs, Facebook, Social

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Game Description

Tooth'n'Claw is a cute platform game where you choose to play as either Cats or Dogs and help in order to recover all the lost pets. The game has been designed specifically to be a player magnet and draw users back to your site every day. By having a daily competition that requires users to build up points as a team, there is a social incentive to return and play. To put it simply, Tooth 'n' Claw is a social multiplayer experience wrapped up in a cute single player game. Humans love their pets, and the cats Vs dogs debate is a light hearted division that we like to humour. Tooth 'n' Claw uses this loyalty to build an extra incentive to play. Teams start the day with one life, and as players collect in-game gold they unlock extras which benefit all fellow teammates. Through Facebook, Tooth 'n Claw can allow you to gain the viral benefits of social media while building a database of users for future game releases. View the full Tooth'n'Claw presentation here.

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