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The Guardian 2

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Uploaded on January 21st, 2011

Keywords: Guardian, Berzerk, Studios, Uknownxl, Zelda

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Game Description

StoryA foul demon has overtaken the island of Reverie and enslaved its villagers in a treacherous nightmare prison. When all hope seems lost a unsuspecting hero is called from his home and must travel vast oceans and collect the legendary Lantern Of Nightmare fragments to save them.

Game Controls

-Options can be adjusted from item screen. Press space and navigate at the top by pressing the A key.-Autosaves-Move - Keys-Space - Open / Close Item Screen-A - Talk/Read/Proceed Test/ Pick up items/ put sword up-S - Use sword/take out sword-D - Use Equipped Items-For sponsors: Contact me if you wish to purchase a site lock.Features--Original and Engaging Storyline-Vast and Full of Life World-3 Game Slot Save System-Easy and fun real time battle system-Day/Night System-Weather System (Rain)-13 Huge Islands To Explore-Beautiful Cut scene Artwork-4 Lengthy Dungeons That are full of Puzzles and Monsters-4 Unique Bosses-A game full of puzzles and amazing battles-20 Unique Enemies-Final Boss Contains 4 Unique Forms-4 Sets of Armor You can buy/upgrade-4 Swords-4 Shields-7 Max Heart upgrades, which can be upgraded through the story quests or through side quests.-Tons of Extra side quests that will help you acquire new swords, shields, armor, special items or increase your max health.-Tons Of Npc's that will make the game feel more like a world and help you along the way.-A game that rivals most console games content and length wise-Original Sounds and Music created specifically for this game.

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