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The Desert Seed

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Uploaded on July 25th, 2009

Keywords: Point, Click, Interactive, Art, Education

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Point and click interactive art about how nature grow, survive or die. This game is about atmosphere to enjoy and messages to be think about. The game control is simple: click the items you got in top right then click the ground to see if the current place is interactable. This actually was a quick project for FGL competition. Ranked in #5 with reviews that I consider satisfying, I decides to expand the game further, adding five odd endings that ranged from a nuclear destruction, nature's wrath, Jurassic forest, zombie sheeps, UFO visit, to green city. The seed and the barren desert. UFO attack! That is what you get from disturbing the aliens... Nature payback ending screen. Game hints: Click Here! The competition event scoring: 5. Rosedragon Theme - 8.5 Gameplay -6 Fun - 6 Originality - 8.5 Bonus - 0 Total - 29 FGL_Merlin I really liked the originality of this game. The graphics were all created on the spot, and it was a unique view on Growth. I especially liked the sheep flying down! My only complaint would be that the SFX were getting annoying by the end of the game as they were all just notes on a flute. Apart from that though, nice work! FGL_Rick I thought this game was great. I liked the idea of building up from nothing and watching industry take over the wild life. It touches on growth in many ways, but there isn't much gameplay once you have done it once. It is a fun experience, the art looks nice and the sound is pretty good. The sound effects were a little annoying but it wasn't that big of a deal. I would have liked to see multiple routes to take instead of just one way through it. The ending was very funny and fit the mood of the game very well.

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