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Starcraft Fa 5

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Uploaded by Mena on June 10th, 2008

Keywords: Defence, Enemy

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**Warning this game has high system requirements **I would recommend Pentium 4, 2.5-3Ghz **Press Q to adjust quality if the game is running slow *28.nov.2006* [Version 1.1] Fixes: In response to the reviews: - I know that the game is slow, and there is no way that i know of to make it faster, sorry about that. - There are some bugs caused by Construct Mode which wasn't tested properly and some spelling errors - I'll fix them soon. - Hotkeys.. I'll think about that... don't really like the idea though. FA3 was my first try in making defence games and it was rather primitive and boring (yes I admit it). This game is nothing like that, this is my ultimate defence game as I see it: - enemies wont just walk into your base and explode (or pass by like in fa3) as in many games of such kind; in SCFA5 all the enemy units will be actually attacking your base %) there are 13 unique enemies with different attack types and different aims! - There are 8 buildings that you will be able to build on your base: 4 "defence towers" and 4 "special buildings" that will unlock new features (like making infested terrans out of marines) - the gameplay is divided into 27 waves, you will be able to SAVE after each wave - there are numerous ways of killing enemies - not just building towers and watching them shoot (you'll loose this way). There are also 8 psionic spells, mines, infested terran etc... - you will earn experience, levelup -> gain new spells and improve your abilities! My goal was to create the best defence game ever and now its up to you to decide whether I succeeded or not!

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