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Shooter Guardian

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Uploaded on July 21st, 2009

Keywords: Aim, Defense, Guns

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Game Description

In this game, the player plays the role of a shooter, who has to protect a man. The man is trapped inside a city, and is getting cornered by zombies. The player has to eliminate all the zombies by shooting them. The gameplay is basically formed by 4 aspects : 1. Weapons, for the player and also the friend. There are many weapons available, each is based on a real-world gun, with simulations for it's characteristics such as bullet capacity, weight, hit area (for example, shotgun hits more targets than handgun),+nbsp;and recoil. The weapons are also upgrade-able. 2. Obstacles, which are used to block the movement of the zombies. The player can+nbsp;set the placements of+nbsp;the obstacles by him/herself. There are a number of obstacles to be used. 3. Armors, which are used to reduce the damage that will be taken by the friend. 4. Items, which will be used by the friend automatically to help him in combat. ================== Control : Left click or D : shoot Right click or S : reload (automatically done when the weapon is out of bullet) Scroll wheel or A : change weapon ESC : in-game options +nbsp;===================== +nbsp;.

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