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Rocket Racers

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Uploaded on June 15th, 2008

Keywords: Rockets, Racing, Space, Missile

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Game Description

Race against 4 alien opponents in the Intergalactic Rocket Races. There are 8 tracks, arranged into 2 ‘cups’. To progress, you need to finish in the top three. There are two difficulty levels, you can switch before the first race of any game. You can pick up a missile from the loading station (the light-blue square) to temporarily daze your opponents. Some of you may find completing the cups very easy, even on 'standard' mode. If so, I recommend trying to get a time on leaderboards in the time-trials.

Game Controls

Default Controls Rotate anticlockwise : Left arrow Rotate clockwise : Right arrow Thrust : Up arrow Fire missile : Space (note - collect a missile first) ‘rocket option’ of menu : Enter The context menu (right mouse button on PCs) allows you to pause the game, give up or change sound/music volume.

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