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Raccoon Crisis

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Uploaded on June 3rd, 2010

Keywords: Raccoon, Zombie, Fps, Cute

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Raccoon Crisis 1.00(may be updated if glitches occur too often)Story:ZOMBIE RACOONS!!!(eek). You are some sort of bad-ass marine... or unimployed? meh, doesn't matter. Either way, you have a gun and some fancy armor... Maybe you got them from a swap meet... who knows. This is once again unimportant... What is important is that for some reason you decide that removing these zombies raccoons from the face of the world is up to you (...god complex maybe?).There are two modes of play:Levels:You have to fight through 15 levels. When you cull all the zombie raccoons in the current level you will be taken to the next level... the only problem is that if you remove all the raccoons too quickly you might miss out on extra points! (oh no!)Survival:Obviousley you must survive... You are placed into a small arena where there are some supplies and zombie raccoons will spawn from the corners in waves... Seems simple enough... But here's the problem: Though the raccoons respawn, the supplies DON'T... Maybe you'll have to manage that extra ammo and health, eh? Well, c'mon... let's see those high scores!Controls:W or UP = fowardLEFT or RIGHT = turnDOWN = backstepA = strafe leftD = strafe rightSPACE = shootTips: STRAFE! Strafing is key to your survival... Try a mixture of turning, strafing and moving foward or backward while shooting if you really want those high scores ;)Best of luck, Hope you enjoy the Raccoon Crisis.

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