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Uploaded on June 20th, 2009

Keywords: Neuron, Vector, Swarm, Shooter, Simple

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Game Description

A simple, fun, vector style swarm shooter. Kill enemies to gain points, spend these points on upgrades to make yourself a more lethal killing machine! Unlock and equip perks as you progress through the game such as bouncing rounds, rapid fire, health regeneration, and even slowmo! If you place the winning bid I'll happily make changes to the game that you believe need to be made. Update: 07 June 2009 - I've updated the UI to make it a little more logical, and also a bit more aesthetically pleasing. I've also edited the enemy waves a little bit to try to eliminate the big pauses. Try it out! Update 2: After feedback regarded enemies being difficult to hit I've enlarged the hit areas slightly, much better! Thanks for the feedback so far everyone, keep it coming! Update 8 June 2009: After more feedback I've added a button to close the upgrade screen as well as adding a mechanic where the player will constantly regenerate health slowly. The health regeneration perk increases this considerably. Thanks for the feedback guys!

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