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Uploaded on July 17th, 2009

Keywords: Arcade, Multitasking, Reflexes, Minigame, High

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In this game you must survive for as long as possible+nbsp;in four different minigames: 1. A simple rhythm game with 4 different combinations you have to "match" on your keyboard. 2. A pong game where you must play against an undefeatable computer. 3. An avoid game where you must run away from an opponent who is tracking you. 4. A maze game where you must collect food to keep your hunger level above zero. At any time, two of these minigames will be playing. There is also a constantly increasing "speed multiplier" which adds another level of insanity to this game. This game also includes four difficulty levels and four leader boards, one for each difficulty. The range of difficulties will make it possible for any player to find something at his or her level. +nbsp; UPDATE: Easy mode has been made easier: -Speed multiplier increases slower -Games switch less often UPDATE 2: -Added mute button in the actual game instead of just in the menus UPDATE 3: -New music added.

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