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Uploaded on March 25th, 2011

Keywords: Original, Particle, Effects, Blocks, Achievements

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Game Description

Hurray my first AS3 game! Particle effects and everything! I'm really happy with the way it looks. I need to change my pants everytime I see the level select page. It's also my first puzzle game! And quite the original idea huh? :PAnyways I poured hours of work into this, please ENJOY!!For those complaining about the music, you can right click and mute or press M! :DAnd yes, all of the levels are possible ;) Even if they start off easy but get very difficult!

Game Controls

SPACEBAR - Reset levelCTRL - Key shortcut to return to level selectM - Pause or Play current songClick or P key - Pause menuArrow Keys - Move around on platformsRight click - Return to level select screen, Mute, Play music, Quality, ParticlesAuto play next level will turn off if you return to level select screen.Achievements are on the second page!!!

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