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Uploaded on July 29th, 2009

Keywords: Magnetism, Ball, Skill, Rotate

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Game Description

A stylish game that blends dexterity and reflection: move a ball that's affected by gravity to the end of each level by turning them around and using magnets. Easy to play, difficult to master! Blend dexterity, reflexes and logic to beat the challenging levels. +nbsp; +nbsp; +nbsp; +nbsp; +nbsp; The aim is to move a ball to the end of each level. There's a twist, however: you don't control the ball, only external factors such as magnetism and gravity do:- Magnetism: use the magnets in a level to attract the ball towards them- Gravity: rotate the levels to circle obstacles. Avoid the deadly traps and make your way to the end of the 40 levels!

Game Controls

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