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Uploaded by Sparrowhawk222 on February 18th, 2010

Keywords: Word, Crossword, Cute

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Game Description

KrissX is a captivating and relaxing mix of puzzle game and word game. Join Wordsworth the Owl on his mission to solve "KrissX"-ed word puzzles. Switch around letters to complete mind boggling terms and use helpful hints to achieve reward badges and high scores. Swap letters and decipher clues to solve a series of clever puzzles. KrissX creates new puzzles each time you play, so you can keep on coming back for more - you’ll never see the same puzzle twice! KrissX is easy to play but difficult to put down! The perfect edu-tainment experience, fun for all ages!

Game Controls

Playing KrissX is really easy. Simply point at letters and click to select them. Select a second letter in the same word to swap them over. If you click on a letter you selected before, it is deselected.

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