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Uploaded on October 8th, 2009

Keywords: Karma, Balls, Story, Master, Colors

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Colourful and addictive action puzzle game. To penetrate into the mystery of eternal life. To create the world from zero and to go all the way from the new-born to the Creator. To juggle with your karma like with ordinary balls. Will you be able to go all the way through? Blowing up many-coloured balls using the mouse, clear the space. The debris of the blown-up balls will blow up other balls of matching colour. The explosions spread on like chain reaction if the starting point has been specified correctly, of course. Features: +nbsp; Original game play 2 game modes, Story mode and Freeplay 15 levels in Story mode,+nbsp;resulting in over 2 hours of gameplay 2 levels of difficulty with different game play Only mouse control More than 20 balls with differing behaviour Achievements Intro movie Minigame in main menu Screenshots: Main menu Player's profile selection Level selection in Story mode Game play +nbsp;.

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