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Hold The Line Zombie Invasion

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Uploaded on June 18th, 2009

Keywords: Zombie, Shooter, Blood

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Hold The Line: Zombie Invasion is a zombie shooter like you've never seen before. +nbsp;You stand alone against wave after wave of zombies, mowing them down with a variety of guns and finally the ultimate weapons - sniper rifles - complete with awesome scopes that let you line up headshot after headshot. The player begins the game armed with a pistol and earns money by killing the zombies. +nbsp;Every 2 minutes the level progresses and the player has the opportunity to buy:- dual pistols- shotgun- light machine gun- medium machine gun- heavy machine gun- sniper rifle- better sniper rifle Each weapon has its own characteristics such as reloading time, number of bullets per clip, and for the sniper rifles a 3x zoomed scope (that you see in the game's starting screen). A dark and ominous atmosphere, multiple guns, the ultra cool sniper scope, achievements, blood trails and blowing zombies heads off make this game destined for success. NoteAll guns have been unlocked in this version, normally you would have to progress through the levels to be able to afford them. Updates: Following the feedback on the FIs and our own discussion we're implementing a few last minute additions. +nbsp;So far: Help screen's been added Gun shot volume reduced to 60%, ambient background sound volume is being increased so you'll be able to hear it more clearly during rounds Shotgun reloads automatically since it holds so few shells. +nbsp;An area of effect is being added that'll allow it to hit multiple zombies Up/down arrow keys added for changing weapons Introduction has been added Hit radiuses have been added so you don't need pixel-perfect shooting abilities, the radius varies depending on the weapon. A clock has been added so you know what time of night it is. The level completion screen tells you how far along you are through the game Couple of minor additions going in over the next day or two: Better reloading sound More achievements.

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