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Uploaded on May 16th, 2009

Keywords: Gravity, Mouse, Cursor, Circles, Quick

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Game Description

This game only uses your mouse! Keep it in the grey circle!Imagine your mouse being a planet, and the diamonds being moons attracted to your mouse through gravity. Try not to let the diamonds hit inside the middle circle, and try, as much as you can, not to let the diamond hit the side, as this will send it bouncing through space, and becoming uncontrolable.

Game Controls

Gravinity is all about moving the diamonds, that get spawned the each game starts, clockwise around the middle circle. (It'll tell you if you're going the wrong way).The diamonds are attracted to your mouse's position, and reacts as if your mouse was a planet, and the diamonds are moons.You'd want to stay away from the middle circle, since your score will be halved, each time you hit it. When you hit it it'll flash red.The more and more rounds you go around the middle circle, the faster the diamond will go. Hence it'll be harder and harder to control the diamond when it's at a very high speed. The good thing about the very high speed, is that it'll gain you a lot more points, since it'll go around the middle circle a lot faster. Try not to hit the wall when you're at high speed, since it'll make the diamond completely uncontrollable.You get points in Gravinity by making the diamond(s) fly around the middle grey circle clockwise.

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