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Frontline Defender

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Uploaded by zaribagames on April 6th, 2011

Keywords: Tower, Defence, Shooter, Action

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Game Description

Strategy tower defence game. It can be played by up to four players at the same time cooperatively. The aim is to protect the base by placing defence towers around enemies’ paths. The game features many battlefields with different paths for enemies, six towers including machinegun, triple cannon, anti-aircraft and super tower. There are ten different types of enemies attacking the base including soldiers, small and heavy tanks, trucks, fire throwers and airplanes. Build your defences by selecting towers from the menu on the right and placing them on allowed areas on the map. There will be levels where you won't have restrictions for placing the towers. Do not let the enemies to reach base. Cooperate with the other players to ensure better protection for the base. You can see description and capabilities of each tower from the menu on the right.

Game Controls

"It is played with the mouse and with the keyboard. Roll over towers menu to open it. [1] – [6]: Tower building shortcuts [U], [S]: Upgrade / Sell selected tower [ESC]: Close tower's info popup [SPACE]: Cancel selected tower's building".

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