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Uploaded on April 7th, 2009

Keywords: Worms, Earth, Shooting, Aim, Obama

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Game Description

Save the world with your aiming and shooting skills. Send the right messages to the right people and complete the restoration of Earth to avoid humanity+rsquo;s judgment day brought about by Aliens! Background A game with a really simple mechanic of aiming and shooting making this a truly pick up and play entertainment.+nbsp; Adding a zany twist made popular by Peggle is a bounce multiplier system that gives the game a chance/skill dynamic. Also, the wealth of info in this game is presented in a way that players can ignore it completely or pore over it. Description The planet Earth is on the brink of ecological meltdown. The Galaxian Council has deemed humans incapable of maintain the balance on Earth so they sent an agent to destroy the race.+nbsp; The humans however defended their lives and the aliens have given them one more chance.+nbsp; So the citizens, scientists and engineers are scrambling to reverse the global meltdown,+nbsp; the problem is, they cannot coordinate properly because the alien attack knocked out all the telecommunication facility.+nbsp; You play as the ultimate communication officer and help them save the Earth! FEATURES: Easy to grasp controls and mechanics 14 stages 3 mission types Use the power of routers, switches and broadcasting to send those packets Different game flow in Story mode and arcade mode Bounce to get up to 5x score! Fix all of Earth+rsquo;s problems in this eco-friendly game Powered by box2D physics! Awesome sounds.

Game Controls

MOUSE (move) +ndash; aim or change angle +nbsp; MOUSE (hold left mouse button) +ndash; charge +nbsp; MOUSE (release left mouse button) +ndash; shoot packet / repair / rockets.

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