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Crazy 8s Online

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Uploaded by GameSensis on November 6th, 2008

Keywords: Crazy, Eights, Cards, Uno

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Game Description

Crazy 8s online is a complete online multiplayer experience where you can play a game of crazy eights with up to four players. Choose from four different tables to play on, and four starter decks to play with, and then get started. Nonoba users will also be able to gain experience points and ranks when signed in, along with achievements, highscores and the ability to unlock and purchase new decks. Note: I've tested this game many times, and it has pretty much always worked perfectly. However, due to the fact that I've only tested my game on one computer, my results might not be 100% accurate. If you find any glitches in this game, please politely post a comment about the glitch and I will fix it as best I can. Thank you, and enjoy the game.

Game Controls

The whole game is controlled by the mouse, and plays just like UNO. On your turn, click on a card from your hand with the same suit or number as the card face up next to the deck. If you cannot place down a card, click on the deck to draw a card. You can draw up to thirty cards in one turn, but you can only hold fifteen in your hand. After you've drawn fifteen cards, you must put down a card to pick up another. If you have an 8 card in your hand, you can place it down anytime on top of any card. You can also choose a new suit for your 8 card when you place it. The first player to place down all their cards and have zero cards in their hand wins.

Game Comments

Avatar of carol1949 by carol1949 - August 3rd, 2009
does noy load to play

Avatar of Mr.yoho by Mr.yoho - November 10th, 2009
this bullshit does not load to play fuck this site

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