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Blob Bomber

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Uploaded by chrisperone on December 22nd, 2008

Keywords: Blobs, Bombs, Kids, Allages, Colorful

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Game Description

Big Blobs spawn small blobs and small blobs will turn into big blobs if there are 2 or more touching for a time. Get combos by continually hitting blobs in a short amount of time. The higher the combo the higher the power level for the ship which makes the bombs bigger so they do more damage. Red Powerup: Big bombs - Slow firing but have big explosions. Green Powerup: Mini bombs - Fast firing but have small explosions. Yellow Powerup: Spread bombs - When it explodes it spawns 4 smaller bombs.

Game Controls

Use the left and right arrow keys to move the ship and spacebar to drop bombs. You can also use the mouse to move the ship and hold mouse button 1 to drop bombs. More levels are added to Endless mode by playing and beating levels in Normal mode. Press F1 anytime ingame to show the instructions. Press escape anytime ingame to show the ingame settings menu.

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