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Blizz In Magnetland

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Uploaded on July 27th, 2010

Keywords: Blizz, Magnetland, Solve, Puzzle, Robot

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Game Description

There are some gems out there that must be collected before someone else discovers them, hurry! The collectors are ready and waiting for you but, don’t forget there is always a smarter way to solve problems, be prepared, in magnetland you will be pushed to the limit.

Game Controls

To pick up the gems just touch them with your Gem Collector, you can release or fire them using SPACE, hold down to fire them further. Small white Points Gems award extra points, collect all of them for the highest scores. Lightning Flashbacks allow you to resume back to the point you collected them. You require a certain number of points to unlock each level, so be as fast as you can, and use the Points Gems and Flashbacks wisely!

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