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Blast Passage

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Uploaded on July 7th, 2009

Keywords: Blast, Passage

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Game Description

Blast Passage is a single-player, retro-looking Bomberman/Gauntlet-inspired game: Mr. BomBear is stuck on the shady side of Planet X, and he's quickly running out of oxygen. Blast a Passage for him through the dangerous monsters inside the planet to reach the sunny side+hellip;good luck! INSTRUCTIONSFind your way to the exit stairs to beat the level.Move using arrows, both on the map and in the game.Bomb using Space.Start level using Space. Tips:- Fire upgrades the power and reach of your bombs.- Bombs give you additional bombs once.- +ldquo;Potions+rdquo; give you a superbomb(use Enter to activate) which kills the otherwise invincible Death-guys (this is a must on the last level, which is a tad hard)- Dont bomb close to yellow oxygen tanks; they will blow up.

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