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Bazonga Quake

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Uploaded on September 30th, 2010

Keywords: Platformer, Boobs, Quake, Girl

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Game Description

Help our buxom heroine escape collapsing buildings and thwart angry pursuers! Bazonga Quake is a jump'n'slide platform game which tells the tale of a girl who causes chaos wherever she goes. Some think that the earthquakes that follow her around are somehow caused by her bounteous boobs. Crazy, huh?! There's no time to debate the logic of this argument, as she's caught in a rooftop chase, pursued by ancient Egyptians one minute and over-zealous nuns the next. Jump, slide and live to jiggle another day! Jump over gaps, slide through narrow vents (and to clobber enemies), and collect coins, life-hearts and save-game bras.

Game Controls

Jump: [UP] arrow Slide / Attack: [DOWN] arrow Skip map screen: [SPACE] Pause game: [P] Exit game: [E].

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