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Assault Carnivale

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Uploaded on June 9th, 2010

Keywords: Chain, Combo, Puzzle, Custom, Level

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Defend the Castelul de lumina from Blestemadian attack!! Cooperate with the wizard to unleash chain reaction mayhem into the enemy that never been seen before!Click on each enemy to enlarge and eventually explode them, affecting various enemy around. Each kind of enemy have different chain reaction move, and can only affect specific kind of enemy.But don't worry, there are total of 5 (five) power up that can change chain reaction behaviour to your advantage. The base Arcade Mode provide 20 level of good mindless chain reaction fun. You can play it just for the fun of it, or carefully planned your every click to achieve maximum combo and score! Complete with performance report and several kind of highscore as player aspiration.

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