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Where to submit your Flash Game when it's finished

March 12th, 2009 - Category: Developers
Many times after we make a game is our work to distribute it.
Probably the most important places where to submit it are:


The problem on Kongregate is that usually if a game dosent have theire achivements, the users tend to vote it low and write bad reviews only becouse they can not earn points from playing it, so they are not always accurate.


Newgrounds is a lil bit more mature, usually they analyze the game better before to review it, but it's good to be sure about your game before you post it becouse if you get a good rating it can go on the first page, generating a huge ammount of hits.

Flash Game Distribution

This is a good place where to put your game becouse they have a program where other sites can go and take your game to put on their sites.


It is still growing, but i belive they are going to be an important site soon, so keep your eyes on it.

And of course LorenzGames Emoticon

Especially the first 2 they have a huge community that will rewview your game and give you some feedback to make it better.

Then for the massive distribution, have a look at this list!
Enjoy Emoticon


Article Comments

vartagh - March 12th, 2009
Nonoba sucks

jbk - March 20th, 2009
Newgrounds wont be so mature for that reason too long. They decided to start using achievements too and Im sure it will bring a whole new crowd of immature kids to give crap ratings to good flash.

Bruce - April 6th, 2011
Thanks for this great resource of information!

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Flashjolt - November 29th, 2011
You can also upload your game on www.flashjolt.com.


Marc - May 4th, 2012
We also encourage developers to submit their Flash games to GameFools. We are always looking for great content to feature. http://www.gamefools.com/publish.php

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