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Where to find good Music and SoundFX for your games

April 7th, 2010 - Category: Developers , Sounds
On Internet there are many ways to find music and sounds for your game.
I am going to suggest you few sites that I think are interesting, but first of all take always in count that the more music and sounds you add the more your game size will increase.

Because of this it is always better to find loopable music not longer than enough... for example you should get a 10-15 seconds loop for the menu and a longer loop, 50 to 70 seconds for the game.

It is usually better to choose WAV files because they can be compressed from a good starting point, sometimes MP3 are already compressed too low. About compression is important to change something in File->Publish Settings..., just make sure you set everything to the right Bit rate, for me the right compromise is a 64 kbps stereo, compressed at best quality, but I suggest you to tweak it and test to see if you like any other setting, just don't go to low or the music will sound very choppy.

Flash sound settings

Good sound and music can only compliment your game, pushing it to the next level of polish. The issue is that a game that isn't very fun will not become
more fun with great sound considerations (unless the game itself is based completely around the music and sound).

Plan all of the game's components thoroughly, sounds included, and you'll have a good product in your hands.

Free stuff

I have used Newgrounds Audio for many games, they have a huge library of music sent by other users, but remember, that music can not be used without asking permission to the owner. The authors are usually very nice, just drop them a message using the internal message system and ask them if you can use their music, always pay back giving at least credits to the author in your game.

Another very famous site is
FlashKit they have a good collection of Loops and SoundFX , the only problem with that site is that it is kinda ugly Emoticon , but sometime you can find good stuff.

Incompetech they have many royalty free music and they are happy if you use it in your commercial project, a donation of $5 is appreciated. Emoticon

I once used a music from
Jamendo , that requires giving attribution only. I also contacted the author, he said "use it anyway you want for free."

Soungle great soundfx search engine, to quickly find any kind of sound we can possibly imagine.

PacDV , FreeSound and StoneWashed great libraries of free sounds.

Commercial stuff

Symphony of specters I have not tried them but looking at their portfolio they should be very good. They are an award winning team and have worked with many successful commercial games like Castle Crashers and popular flash games like Epic War 2 and 3, Dark Cut 3, Sonny 1 and 2 and more.

Cost effective music making tool for indie game developers.
Musicshake provides a f2p User Generated Music solution that allows the general public w/o any knowledge of music to create their own professional level quality music with very simple steps/clicks based on more than half a million different 'music modules'.

SoundSnap I used it when it was free, however now they have the annual plan at $250 where you can download unlimited sounds that sounds kinda interesting.


Article Comments

Chris - April 7th, 2010
What about twune.com?

Lorenz - April 7th, 2010
Well, twune is interesting but they are still in beta, and i have never tried them, are they good?

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