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What Casual Players Really Want Right Now Is Multiplayer

July 8th, 2008 - Category: Multiplayer
These last 3 weeks have been very successful for me, I just won 3 contests with 2 of my games on Nonoba. The first one was Connect4 Multiplayer, the classic Connect4 game with something more, the possibility of playing together with people from all over the world. It won the weekly contest of $500 and the Monthly Contest of $2.500, generating 160.000 users in 2 weeks. The game was made in about 2 hours, which means I worked for 1.500/hour, pretty good no? Emoticon The other game is Bombators Multiplayer, a remake of Atomic Bomberman in Multiplayer with the chance to play with 4 players in real-time. It got the front page of the most important game websites as Newgrounds and Minijuegos This is a video of the game.
This game won the weekly competition of $500 and its on the first place for the monthly competition of July. But the amazing thing is that in the first 3 days it has generated 70.000 hits and 7.000 new subscribers thanks to the game. This game was made in about a week. The weirdest thing is that any company contacted me yet to create games for them… I think they haven’t seen it yet… Emoticon However, while trying to distribute my games, I found many problems. People from other portals didn’t like to have the Nonoba logo in the game, and so they decided to not publish the game on their websites, probably they were scared Nonoba was going to steal them users? LoL Anyway, if you want to try to make a Multiplayer thing, the first important thing is to know AS3 very good. Then go on Nonoba Developers and download the Multiplayer SDK. I suggest you to start with something very simple, like a card games or a board games. Let me know if it turns in something good Emoticon


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play free games - August 25th, 2010
I really love the game Bombators Multiplayer, you can actually play as 4 players in a game and I really loving this. This is really great than the old version. I dont like games that doesnt have multiplayer mode.

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