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Waiting for Away3D 3.6 Essential

February 25th, 2011 - Category: 3D, Developers
Away3D team came up with a new book, Away3D 3.6 Essential, published by Packt.

Their first one was 3D in Flash, written by Rob Bateman and Richard Olsson and published by Friends of ED.

I have been using Away3D on many of my games in the past, the performance was still kinda cranky, but now, especially with Molehill at the horizon, things are changing quickly.

Looks like this is going to cover topics good for beginners and advanced users.
It has been written by Matthew Casperson and it promises to cover many aspect of the new version of this wonderful API.

Overview of Away3D 3.6 Essential

  • Create stunning 3D environments with highly detailed textures
  • Animate and transform all types of 3D objects, including 3D Text
  • Get the best performance from the Flash Player with proven Away3D optimization techniques, without compromising on visual appeal
  • Follow step-by-step examples in a practical and illustrative style
It should be here soon, so give me few days to dive in it and I'll write some considerations about it.


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