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The power of Digg in the Flash Games industry

March 27th, 2009 - Category: Publishers
The site Digg.Com can really help us to improve the visibility of our games or our game site.
This is something that probably everybody knew, but many people are still trying to make it without any success.

On MochiAds Forum there is a thread that contains all the active developers.
I am sure if you help them to digg their games, they will help you to digg your things.

I am going to create a list here of active Digger interested in Flash Games that you can add to your friends.
The idea is to be friend with all on this list.. which is going to grow every day. When you will have all this people in your list, you will have to use it with etiquette, meaning you can not shout spamming stuff all day long, but only if you have something very very cool, or you just released a new very cool game. This way we can allow everybody to receive real Diggs and Comments and probably end up on the front page.

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If you are interested please send me a message and I will add your Digg Page in the list.


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play free games - August 15th, 2010
This is very helpful on making your game have more users. I just hope that it can make your game on the top list of most played game. Lol. Thanks for posting it.

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