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The Battle Begins

February 17th, 2009 - Category: Multiplayer
The Battle Begins is one of the newest competitive gaming websites out there. Battle Points are completely free and you earn them from being active on the site. You can post in the forums, log in once a day to get a small BP reward, or even refer your friends to the site and be rewarded for those that stay active after a period. They also are hosting tournaments for their users. One such tourney is the Connect 4 tourney which we will be holding on the 21st of February 2009 at 3PM EST and will go on until the last match has been played of course. They will use our LorenzGames Connect4, COOL! All of the tourney's have a prize of some sort ranging from Battle Points to cash. The tourney is accepting a maximum of thirty-two people so hurry and register while there is still time. In the Connect 4 tourney prizes go as follows: first place gets 1000 BP, second gets 500 BP, and third gets 250 BP. Not bad for playing a simple game, eh?


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play free games - August 25th, 2010
This one is cool. I can already play, post some articles or blogs, and earn points in just one site. I just hope that there are great benefits while you are playing this game that you can earn something not just by wasting time in just playing.

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