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Simulate Download for Flex without Flash IDE

September 19th, 2010 - Category: ActionScript 3, Developers, Flash, Flex
Using Flash IDE we have the nice tool “Simulate Download”, that can be very useful especially if we have big SWF and we want to test if our Preloader works correctly.

But if we are using FlashDevelop, Flex SDK or any pure AS3 projects the situation changes, since there isn’t anything built in for that we have 2 options:
1) Upload it online everytime we wan to test it?
2) Build our own “Simulate Download” tool.

To build it we need to install a server on our computer, something like AppServ or MAMP.
After we have it, we just put whatever file we want to test in the folder of the server and we ping it with Sloppy.


Sloppy is a nice little Java Tool that works in a second and saves you lots of time.
It is a must for any developer.
You just write the address on localhost (your computer) where you want to simulate the download, then select the connection speed to simulate and press “Go”. A new page in your browser will open and simulate a download, remember everytime you simulate to delete the cache of your browser.


Article Comments

play free games - October 7th, 2010
This is very easy and simple. Thanks to your idea. Now I don’t need to look a site to test my preloader. With this “Simulate Download” tool I cans imply paste the url and then test if it is working.

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Porter - April 12th, 2012
You sir, know things. Now I too, know these things. Thanks for great solution to simulating a download with FD. I found your solution with only a minute of Google searches.

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