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Interview With Fabrice Closier From Away3D

June 11th, 2008 - Category: 3D
In this article I asked to Fabrice Closier what are the potential of Away3D. The article is very interesting, i hope you will enjoy it then later dont forget to go visit the Away3D Website Emoticon!

How old is Away3D and what exactly does it in few words?

Away3D is an advanced real time 3D engine for Flash. Not bad for a one year old baby!

How many people work on it?

There are nine of us on the team right now.

Beside the donations, does your team earn money from some other source?

The donations are not a source of revenue for us. The idea is to finance some activities for the site with what we receive. Each and every one of us work for a company full-time or as a freelancer.

Do you think Away3D is better than Papervision3D or Sandy?

Yes, but I'm not very neutral.. am I ? The best way to find out is to try it for yourself and see if it fits your requirements. Sandy and Papervision are both fantastic libraries.

I have done some games with your 3D Engine, but it is still little bit slow when I use lots of polygons, do you think that Flash 10 will boost it?

This is directly linked to the way you work. The limitations force you to be creative. You have to spend time planning your projects. Eliminate what is not needed, and focus on the best way to create what is really required. Use optimized texturing, modeling or a good dose of tricks. This is not just a 3D issue, it has always been this way in Flash. Flash 10 will cut some corners, but as we will want to do more and more, we should hit a wall within the next few months again. The rules that apply now, will apply then, as well.

Can you tell me some new features we will see soon on the new versions of Away3D?

It's very difficult to say. The Away team is very active and we try to focus on our users demands. We do spend also a lot of time in R&D. All I can say, is that even if Away is pretty extended today, there is still a lot that needs to be done. But funny enough, most wanted features are not even related to the engine itself. According to polls we place on regular base on our site, the most wanted features are tutorials and demos.

What do you think is the best Game/Website ever made with Away3D?

Yours of course Emoticon Sure, we've seen pretty amazing productions. Personally I don't think there is a best site, because there is no best clients. The best site is the one you deliver the best you can that makes you and your client happy.

Tell me something that your users request you often and will be impossible to do with Away3D.

Even if Away is restricted to the Flash player capabilities, strangly enough we do not get that much impossible questions. Most our users are seasonned Flash developers and designers, so they know they can't get the moon... add to this that 3D is for the Flash world pretty young, most have already tough time to deal with what is already available.

How can we help you and your team to do always better and never stop with this project?

Keep using the engine and continue to surprise us with your projects. To be able to see all those websites, games, experiments done with our baby is the best motivation we can get. Thank you Fabrice for your time, and long life to Away3D!


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