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How To Get A Sponsorship With A Flash Game

May 25th, 2008 - Category: Monetize
You have made your game, you have tested it, it looks so cool that you are sure to sell it to someone and make good money out of it, but the problem is HOW?.
Well, it is not so complicated, actually if the game is really well made it will take you only a couple of days to monetize it.
First important thing to know is that if you want to sell an Exclusive License is good to NOT publish the game anywhere or a lot of Sponsors wont be happy.

Flash Game License is maybe right now one the most important website for selling Games made with Flash through Bids, but sometime is little bit slow, because you have to wait for the Games Scout to find your game there and bid for it.

If you want to be faster and select your sponsor, you have to contact them by E-mail.
This is a list of the portals with Alexa Rank.
It's very important to write a clear mail specifying in what you are interested,
1)NON-Exclusive: you will be able to sell the license to many sponsors with a lower price.
2)Exclusive License: You sell the game to only one sponsor.

Remember to add the SWF and some ScreenShot in the mail, then cross your fingers and wait at least 4 days to compare all the offers.
Good luck! Emoticon


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