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Getting started with Flex 4 SDK and FlashDevelop

September 16th, 2010 - Category: ActionScript 3, Developers, Flash, Flex
Knowing how to use Flex SDK and FlashDevelop is very important, especially if you are starting and you really don't want to spend a bunch of money on Flash IDE.
Infact either Flex and FlashDevelop are free.

First most important things to do is to download the software.
For Flex SDK you can download it here.
After you have downloaded it make sure to unzip it in a folder that you will remember, like C:/Flex

Now it's time to download FleshDevelop here.
After installation is completed and you launch it, click on Menu-Project-New Project...

You will see something like this:

Then select AS3 Project, give it a name and select a folder where you want to put your project, then click OK.

FlashDevelop will automatically generate a bunch of folders and files inside the location you gave it for your project.
Right now just check the file Main.as which is inside the folder "src".

Open it and press F5 to compile, you will get a message that will ask you: "Would you like to open the AS3 context settings to configure the compiler?" you click OK.
Now from the Settings window that just opened you need to locate the folder of the Flex SDK in "Flex SDK Location", I guess you put that in C:/Flex... right?

When you are done press OK and you will see your beautiful blank SWF.
Of course now there is nothing inside, but do you see that marker where you can read: "// entry point", there you can add wathever you want.

Let me know if all is clear, in the next tutorials I will explain something more complicated! Emoticon


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