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GameJacket Failed

June 12th, 2009 - Category: Monetize
Months ago i talked about how good was GameJacket...
Sadly i recived an e-mail yesterday telling exactly those words:

"Last month, GameJacket learned that the funding round it had engaged it had failed with the proposed venture capital investor withdrawing its offer due to the uncertain current economic climate. Since this time GameJacket's management has been actively seeking a buyer for the continuation of the business. Despite initial strong interest, all active lines of enquiry were concluded yesterday resulting in no buyer being identified. We’re sorry to report that GameJacket ceased to trade as of yesterday and the company will make a further announcement in due course. The employees and management of GameJacket have worked tirelessly to build and maintain the GameJacket concept and we’re disappointed in this outcome. The company would also like to take this opportunity to thank developers for their generous support and to apologise for the inconvenience this situation will cause. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]"

This thing is very bad for many developers and publishers having games with them.

The developers now will, not only lose all the not paied money the earned but even worst, the games they published all over the web suddenly stopped to work!
I had to remake one of my games, Rotating Balls, this time i used MochiAds, i repleaced the game here, on Kongregate and Newgrounds, i hope sites from all over the world will change it using my new version... but i hardly doubt about that! Emoticon
For sure now we will see a zillion of new games (games using GameJacket) on MochiAds in the next few days, I hope this wont effect the eCPM!

For publishers this is going to be the worst of the nightmares, find all the games from GameJacket and remove them becouse they dont work anymore!
This is bad, will take me a while to make it on LorenzGames.

I really hope this mess is not going to affect the game industry too bad.


Article Comments

play free games - August 5th, 2010
I hope so! GameJacket should do all the necessary solution to make this problem solved. I'm sure that it will affect there members and just choose Mochiads than them. They should gain again the trust of there members.

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