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Away3D - The Future Of 3D Flash Games

May 26th, 2008 - Category: 3D
I have been using Flash for long time, I guess the first time I started to use it, it was still in Beta Version 1; that time I used it just to make simple animation for a cartoon studio. With the years I have seen it growing so much, but, what I really wanted from it was the possibility to use 3D stuff inside my applications; for many years this has been impossible if you didn't want to use Shockwave. Last year something changed with Sandy, for the first time it was possible to see real 3D objects in a simple Flash Application. From that day other 2 major engines were developed: Papervision3D and Away3D. Sandy was pretty good for those who still were using ActionScript 2.0, but, what really changed the cards on the table was Away3D, created by the mind of Alexander Zadorozhny.

Away3D is, in my humble opinion, one of the most powerful engine to create 3D contents with Flash. Easy documentation, lots of tutorials, the possibility to import OBJ 3DS and MD2 files, a very active developers forum where any kind of doubt is solved in less than one day. At beginning I started to use Away3D to create superlative Website at The Adory, when one day I thought: I should try to make a game with this stuff! I made Ultimate Battleship 3D and, well the result was not the best game ever but to be the first game made with Away3D was pretty good, actually I sold a NON-Exclusive License for it of $250 Emoticon.

After it I made: Pistoleros Cannon Alone Carnival Hammers Fartunes Jumper Miss Primp The last one had lots of success on MySpace.com with the girls audience, because they could create their own avatar to put on their profile.

With the Version 10 of Flash the things will change even more, because the new player will be able to use the GPU of our computer to enhance 3D acceleration, and the men at the Away3D Team told me to stay tuned because big news is coming! I want to thanks Peter Kapelyan, Fabrice Closier and Rob Bateman for all the support they gave to me during the development of my games. Emoticon Soon I will add some tutorials on this Blog to explain all the things that it is possible to do with this amazing engine.


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play free games - August 26th, 2010
Away 3D is really the best engine to make a 3D game! I am usually using this engine for my games and it results are also good. I just hope that there are more applications to make our games better!

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