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Away3D 3.6 Cookbook - Amazing!

June 26th, 2011 - Category: 3D, ActionScript 3, Flash, Games
Packt just came out with a new book Away3D 3.6 Cookbook by Michael Ivanov.

Away3D 3.6 Cookbook

Michael Ivanov is a professional Flash developers, he worked in the field of game development for 5 more than 5 years.

His guide covers any possible thing doable with the version 3.6 of Away3D in 80 practical recipes. Notice that this book can be very useful even to people that are mostly interested to Molehill (Away3D 4.0) since there are many other tutorials as Physics, Rigging and Textures, the last chapter even covers it. From the website of Packt it is possible to download the files used in any tutorial.

I think some of the most interesting paragraphs are:
- Following a third-person view with a spring camera
- Animating (Rigging) characters in 3DsMax
- Controlling bones animation in Collada
- Morphing objects
- Prefab3D
- Working with external assets
- Creating a physical car with JigLib
- Adding Box2D physics to Away3D objects
- Optimizing performance
- Detecting collisions between objects in Away3D
- Beginning Molehill API

This is probably the most complete book about 3D and Flash I have ever read.
The cool thing about it is that it covers so many things that it can be used as only source to make a 3D game with Flash. As you can notice the paragraphs I listed above are the perfect mix of things you will need to build a third person 3D game. Emoticon

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BitmapData: draw VS copyPixels

May 14th, 2011 - Category: ActionScript 3, Developers
BitmapData is a very powerful class which, if used properly, can lead to huge performance increase.

Mostly an image is drawn using 2 methods, draw or copyPixels, but what is the real difference of those?

The draw method contains more parameters than the copyPixels, for example with copyPixels it is not possible to dynamically transform the image ( scale, move, rotate, etc...).

draw(source:IBitmapDrawable, matrix:Matrix = null, colorTransform:ColorTransform = null, blendMode:String = null, clipRect:Rectangle = null, smoothing:Boolean = false):void

copyPixels(sourceBitmapData:BitmapData, sourceRect:Rectangle, destPoint:Point, alphaBitmapData:BitmapData = null, alphaPoint:Point = null, mergeAlpha:Boolean = false):void

Also copyPixels can only draw another BitmapData, instead of any given IBitmapDrawable.

Using copyPixels, though, can be multiple times faster than using a draw method.
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Convert a BitmapData to Base64 String and vice versa

September 25th, 2010 - Category: ActionScript 3, Flash