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20 useful Flash API's and Tools

July 1st, 2009 - Category: Developers , Flash
Reading the MochiAds Forum I have found an interesting post containing a bunch of useful Flash API's and Tools. I elaborated it a lil bit and here it is, the bible for every Flash Developer! Emoticon

Flash Developers

Mutiplayer APIs SmartFoxServer is probably the most used, it is the core of many Multiplayer Games, probably the biggest one is Club Penguin . ElectroServer powers Webkinz . Either one and the other give you the possibility to create your game from zero, lobby included. They cost probably too much for an independent developer. I personally have used a lot the Nonoba, winning many contest on their site and the 2ND place of the final contest. It is easy to use and it is free but sometimes I found it a lil bit slow and it didn't let me customize the lobby. I didn't like very much to have a white and green lobby for all my games. BlossomServer is new and it has been created by Jiggmin, the author of Platform Racing. It is free and it gives you the possibility to download the source code and change if you want. The only problem is that it is based on a PHP socket server... which is not stable as Java or C.Red5 is a free java server, but probably it crashes too much.

3D APIs I have used all of them and honestly my favourite is Away3D.It is quite simple to use and it has a lot of functions for game designer.I wrote an article about it few months ago, you can read it here .

3D physics APIs This is the only 3D physics engine that I'm aware of for Flash. From looking at a few of the tutorials, it looks like you would have use this physics API in conjunction with a 3D API so you can render what's actually going on. I haven't had a chance to actually use the API, so I can't give much of an opinion.
2D physics APIs I have used Box2D in my last game Dynamic Systems //www.lorenzgames.com/game/dynamic-systems .
They have a nice community and it is easy to find tutorials on Internet.

IDEs From what i have heard FlashDevelop is great. It has great syntax highlighting, auto completion, and it's just overall a whole lot better to use compared to the built in Actionscript editor in the Flash authoring tool, plus it's free! FDT should be good too, but it's not free.

Tweeners A Tweener is basically a tool that creates transactions in an object.
For example if you need to move an object from point A to point B with an animation.
The Caurina one is one of my favourite, probably because i have used it for so long.
They have surely saved me a lot of work.


For now this is all, if you have any other interesting Tool please contact me.


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